Friday, October 17, 2008

Mobile Mozilla: Fennec (Mobile Firefox)

As with the previous milestones, M9 is targeted at the Nokia N800/N810 (Maemo) web tablet. Yes, they have made great progress on Windows Mobile, but no milestone releases yet. However, in addition to the native Maemo release, they are also releasing desktop versions of Fennec. That’s right, you can install Fennec on your Windows, OS X or Linux desktop ! they require you to be able to experiment, provide feedback, write add-ons and generally get involved with the Mozilla Mobile project, even if you don’t have a device.

The release notes have information on a quick start, how to install, what’s new, known issues and how to provide feedback. So if you’re interested in getting involved with Mozilla Mobile, install Fennec and tell us what you think.

Update: Madhava Enros, UX lead for Fennec, posted a video walk through of the application. Check it out.

Update: they noticed that the desktop builds had the mouse cursor turned off. This is lovely for touchscreen devices, but bad for desktop applications. they flipped a preference and updated the desktop builds. If you downloaded a desktop build and have the cursor problem, download the build again, it’s been fixed.

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) has reached milestone 9, which is also our first alpha! We’re calling this release the User Experience alpha. The last one milestones were building up to getting a stable browser with an easy to use interface. they require to get Fennec in front of as plenty of people as possible and get feedback. [source]

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