Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Tomb Raider But Not Angelina Jolie.

Move over, Angelina Jolie. There is a new Lara Croft in the city, and she is a young 23-year-old gymnast from south London, Tomb Raider publisher Eidos has announced this week. Since actress Rhonda Mitra first took on the role of the heroine of Tomb Raider Lara Croft in 1997, Eidos has tried real-life counterparts for their acrobatic archaeologist heroin, and that helped boost the number of games to increase sales around the world 32 million.

Until now the British publisher selection have tended to be models or, like Jolie, movie stars, but Alison Carroll Croft could be the first to have the physical capacity to make his famous acrobatic number compared to justice. <br> <br> Carroll has 12 years of gymnastics training and numerous honors on behalf of Great Britain appears in sporting circles. Although his role Lara not involve a movie, it still will be sufficiently busy traveling the world promoting the latest game Tomb Raider, Underworld, which let you leave your day job - as a receptionist. amazing how realistic [Lara] are movements in Tomb Raider: Underworld and is so gratifying to be able to use my formative years of gymnastics to portray such a beloved character," Carroll said in a press release.

Although Carroll more than able to match Croft kick for kick, because even in a training regime that includes classes of weapons in eastern Europe, the survival of the art instructional British SAS troops, and - of course -- An intensive course in archaeology.

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