Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Ruyan Vegas E-cigar

The Ruy Vegas is a revolutionary new product to the world of electronic substitutes for smoking / alternatives to cigarettes. In five and a half inches in length with the perimeter of the volume of nearly 50 per group, and looks forward to Ruy Vegas feels like traditional premium cigars. and - Ruy Vegas cigarit 's available. Ruyan Vegas is that the characteristics of the product available snacks steam 1800 - equivalent to the amount of steam measured mouthfuls of smoke into a full carton of cigarettes. You will find that while there will continue if carton of cigarettes and is used to replace the traditional activity of smoking. Otherwise, customers use Ruyan Vegas in places that can not or do not smoke, the report Ruy Vegas that lasts three to four weeks that comforting. Las Vegas Ruy comes fully loaded with 16 mg of nicotine cartridges in advance. Just click the end of a cigarette that goes in the mouth, a spokesman for the closure of the small difference between the spokesman for the corps Ruy Vegas and is ready to return.

Also, stores easily and can be perverted, even advocate, in a pocket or bag. within easy reach. Las Vegas Ruy generally offered at a price much lower than the cost of a traditional carton of cigarettes, yet can be compared with the carton of cigarettes when considering the 1800 and offered snacks to steam - roughly the same amount of "puffs" , For groups of 10 cigarettes for smokers traditional media. such as electronic commerce Ruyan cigarettes, Ruy Vegas does not produce smoke other hand, can be used when individuals can not smoke by law, regulation or common courtesy.

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