Saturday, June 28, 2008

O2 showcases pedal-powered cellphone charger

Mobile phones are designed to be just that - cellphone. So it's time for charging them became ultra mobile, too. Provider network O2 may have come to the answer with his very cool-looking pedal-powered charger.

Not to be overtaken by Orange, which is a dance tests power charger and a solar energy and wind power load tent in Glastonbury, O2 is showing its new method of charging in the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in London from 3 to July 6, 2008. The company is letting people hold office until the mobile pedaling on his BMX, Chopper and athlete-style bicycles. There is a snag, but if there will be no chatting on the move as bicycles are fixed to the ground. Not as mobile as first thought, but it's still a green alternative to connect to the network - and as many no connection at the park that might be their only option.

The creation thus able sounds like a bit of effort, especially if you're not going anywhere, but it got me thinking. O2 should sell this pedal-powered charger as a real product - that would be serious about moving cargo. It could either charge the phone as you cycle, or store up juice and charge your mobile phone once you have reached your destination.

If biking to work you no longer need a charger parts in the drawer of her desk. Or what about installing them in gyms? Or at home to encourage people to exercise more? Maybe I'm getting lead, but I did ask if O2 had plans and the market response was: "Not in the foreseeable future." I think that is a disgrace.

O2 The festival itself is also aiming to be the most environmentally friendly in history, with the usual recycling initiatives and the clearing systems of carbon and some new ideas at the top. Much of the fencing around the site will be made from recycled plastic bottles, remnants of cooking oil are converted into biodiesel and excess food will be donated to the homeless.


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