Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Move over Wii, Apple 3D game

With WWDC around the corner, the blogosphere is aflutter with talk of the 3G iPhone. But what else does the mothership have in store for us next? Try 3D gaming.

Earlier this month, AppleInsider reported that Apple had published its patent for a 3D remote-control system. The report suggests that the remote-control system will be able to detect the absolute position of the remote on an X, Y and Z axes, similar to Nintendo's Wiimote.

AppleInsider suggests that Apple TV would serve as the game console. Supporting AppleInsider's speculation, PopCap vice president of video game platforms Greg Canessa said in a Wired interview that he would be "customizing [PopCap's] user interface and display for Zune, ipod, [and] Apple TV."

Details on the 3D-gaming experience itself are scarce; when questioned about gaming in interviews, Steve Jobs has been tight-lipped as usual. But keep in mind that Apple is an overachiever and strives to be revolutionary. Jason Schwarz, a writer at Seeking Alpha, suspects that Jobs is going to blow us away with true 3D gaming: "You actually want to learn to fly a plane, to sail, to race Nascar, or to improve your golf swing? 3D Apple could bring these real life simulations to the mainstream," he wrote in a Mar. 14 blog.

Among Windows-PC enthusiasts, the most echoed criticism of Apple is its relatively diminutive grip on the gaming industry; despite the ability to run Windows on Apple's Intel machines, gaming remains a concern. Will the digital-music giant strive to conquer new territories by revolutionizing 3D gaming? Or will Apple TV just let us play crappy iPod games like The Sims Pool? We'll keep you posted.


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