Saturday, November 10, 2007

Can your pen, can make a call?

Take this pen for example, looks like an ordinary pen, right? Think again, this pen is actually a cellphone.

This gadget is still in concept stage, which means it doesn't exist yet. But here are some details: the pen is designed to connect with Bluetooth headsets, it will have a USB connector, a microSD slot, a mono LCD screen to show numbers and any other information you expect to be on a cellphone.

Numbers are dialed with a touch interface number system, which is etched into the pen itself. The USB connector also doubles as a control wheel to scroll through address books and call navigation.

The pen acts as an antenna, as it's nine inches long. And guess what, the pen actually writes!

We really like this design, and remember, , if you have to write down a phonenumber someone gives you, wouldn't it be silly to ask to borrow a pen, when there's one in your ear?


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