Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The rolling Mp3?

"Rolly"- Sony's new intelligent Aibo like music player


Be the first to own Sony's new invention "Rolly," Sound Entertainment Player. SEP-10BT is Sony's new intelligent Aibo like music player. This unique, MP3 player robot gadget features 20mm active speakers that offer an output of 1.2W x 2 Channel. Similar to the much more expensive Miuro, the Rolly will also roam around your room playing back your favorite songs. Adjusting the volume on the Rolly is very unique - hold the unit and move it clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease. The player also comes with 'Motion editor', a software which allows you to customize the unit's motion. Rolly's onboard ambient lights change from blue, orange to green depending on the music playing. Built-in with a 1GB flash memory and bluetooth enabled A2DP/AVRCP for hours of fun and convenient listening experience. Rolly is not just a high end gadget, but an excellent speaker with 2 180 vertical speakers for 360 degree of clear sound. A one of kind robot, music player, and invention.

Power source: Lithium ion battery / USB
Battery duration: Approximately 3-5 hours depending on downloading and playback.
Speaker: 20mm installed capacity: 1.2W + 1.2W
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000Hz
Interface: USB terminal: MiniB/Hi-Speed
Dimensions: Approximately 104 x 65 x 65mm
Weight: Approximately 300g
Capacity: Built-in flash memory: 1GB
Playback capacity: MP3, ATRAC, AAC
Corresponding Bluetooth profile: A2DP and AVRCP
Corresponding Bluetooth codec: SBC and MP3

USB cable (cord/code length approximately 75cm), Lithium ion battery, SonicStage CP, Motion Editor (motion editor), Stand, Instruction manual/quick start guide


YouTube Video:

sony - like.no.other

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